Lord Voldimer

Lord of Thorntown


Lord Voldimer is a humanoid vampire lord with immense power. He usually wears his red and gold garments, as his servants do as well.
He is a powerful spellcaster as well as a fromidable foe in melee combat that doesn’t back down for a fight on his own terms.


No one knows how long Voldimer has been the ruler of Thorntown, a dark town situated in the Shadowfell plane.
Some say his origins lies within the ancient Netherese castle that tower the town miles away, and that he is the founder of Thorntown.
Other say he was a lone vampire spawn that drifted the Shadowfell and assembled a massive undead army and took the town by force…

Nevertheless, he remains the supreme ruler of town that no being has yet to challenge.

Lord Voldimer

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