Sister Garaele (Dead)

Sun Elf, priestess of Tymora & agent for the Harpers


Sister Garaele is a zealous young sun elf that reveres Tymora, the goddess of luck.
She carries a warm smile that throws light on anyone who come to recieve her blessings at the Shrine of Luck.


Not much is known about Sister Garaele, except that she came to the town of Phandalin a few years back, and started caring for the local shrine of luck dedicated to Tymora.

She once tasked the adventurers with the quest of finding the undead banshee Agatha, and learning the whereabouts of a powerful spellbook that was once owned by the legendary mage known as Bowgentle.

Sister Garaele has revealed herself to be an agent of an old secret organisation known as the Harpers.

Sister Garaele (Dead)

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